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Snow – Evolution VFX can provide any type of special effects snow you require, from a crisp frosty morning to deep snow in a blizzard. Whether you are dressing a small set or large-scale location we can provide everything you need from dripping icicles to frozen lakes. We have many different types of snow and ice and provide membranes to cover surfaces where required for protection and complete clean up.
Evolution VFX’s company Snowmec have been making snow since their work on ‘The Shining’ with Jack Nicholson, we are the original and still the best!

Wind – An often overlooked but most important part of any special effects shoot. If you require a hurricane or a gentle breeze to lift the locks of your heroine, Evolution VFX have all the gear to create your desired special effect wind.

Water / Rain – Evolution prides itself on their many years of rain experience. We provide wet-downs and any strength of precipitation you can conjure up from mist to deluge. We can provide rain for you at any location via bowser or hydrant. We have made giant waterfalls for cars to drive through (Ford) or studio rain/showers for performers to dance under (see: Dove – TV commercial, Kingsmill – TV commercial).

Smoke – Whether it’s a light atmospheric fog you require or a full blown burning building, Evolution VFX safely handles your needs whether it is for film, TV or commercials.

Fire – Evolution VFX can supply gas bars of any size for fireplaces, bonfires, burning rubble or flamethrowers. Special effects gel so flames ‘stick’ to the desired area to burn. Not just fire effects for multi million dollar action movies!

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