“Special effects strengthen images leaving a powerful impact on the audience. Our wealth of experience, expertise and dedication will realise your concept. We will use all the tools at our disposal to deliver your dream.”

Evolution VFX have supplied special effects, action props, miniatures, models, atmospheric effects – snow rain fog fire, creatures, puppets, prosthetics, liquids and explosions to the commercials, television and film industry to a high standard for fifteen years.

Last year we created the special effects for the British Film ‘ Ironclad‘ at our workshops in Wales and previously the special effects and the Wings for the Sky HD 1 film ‘Skellig’ featuring Tim Roth.

At our London based studio last year to date we provided effects models and props for an assortment of TV commercials including Bulmers cider, Ford C-max and Ford Kuga, Rowntrees Randoms, Range Rover, Churchill Insurance, ESPN and Travelodge.

In 2009 Evolution VFX created the special effects and models for Andrei Konchalovsky’s film 'The Nutcracker’ in 3D. We provided

supervision and technicians creating a full range of special effects from the usual atmospheric effects to a fifteen tonne hydraulic gimbal and a steel headed animatronic dog that ripped through a metal door. We produced a one hundred square meter snow set with our Evolution 2010 snow system and then 'magically' transformed this set to an apocalyptic black soot environment.

In 2004 Evolution went to Prague for Alien vs Predator (AVP) in which Richard Van Den Bergh supervised the making and directed the miniatures. Richard attended The New York Film Academy in 2000 (a student of Boris Frumin) which proved to bolster the company's solid wealth of experience. Our Industry recognized special effect technicians and model makers make Evolution VFX a strong contender to offer a one stop shop for productions. In a changing film market where high quality product combined with flexibility and cost effectiveness is key, Evolution VFX can present special effects, complex rig builds, props models and miniatures under one roof. Our ‘in house’ facilities allow us to complete full visual effects shots, virals for the internet such as our Greenpeace/Tony Blair work, and full pop promos, we provided ‘Vacant Stare’ with two explosive videos for the nu-metal/rock genre.

‘Evolution Effects and Models’ was founded in 1996 by Richard Van Den Bergh. In 1997 we supplied the film 'The Borrowers' with some stunning oversize props including the acclaimed fairy lights, walkie-talkies and large drawing pins.

From our inception in 1996 we have also focused on the commercials market with numerous campaigns for clients such as BT, NIKE, ISKLAR, DIGITAL Switch Ads, DOVE, National Lottery and the 'Monopoly Man' for a McDonalds campaign. Our innovation in this field has been recognized by several awards for campaigns as diverse as the Tony Blair Puppet for Greenpeace to the supervision of the 35ft balloon creations for the Orange 'Animal Package Plan Campaign' Since then we have produced special effects, models, props and miniatures on such prestigious films as 'Lost in Space', 'The Winslow Boy' a 'Mansfield Park', 'Five Children and It', 'Alien vs Predator', "Death Defying Acts', 'Prisoners of the Sun' and 'The Nutcracker in 3D'. Our Television work includes George Orwell's -'Animal Farm', Hallmark’s – 'The Lost Empire' and Jim Henson's – 'Construction Site'. Also we produced work for 'Walking with Prehistoric Beast' and 'Walking with Cavemen' for the BBC.

Richard Van Den Bergh says 'For me the knowledge of the on set requirements of a model and how to shoot it is pivotal to its creation. Combining the construction and the direction of a model has enabled me to manage resources both creatively and financially so all effort is concentrated on what will finally be seen on the screen keeping erroneous expenditure and labour to a minimum.'